NFL News Scores Standings

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Packers Aaron Rodgers suffers rib injury and could miss 1-3 weeks: Dr. Matt Provencher shares his prognosis

Nicks guy Trevor Lawrence pulls off a huge upset in Jags vs. Ravens Whats Wright?

Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love: Whos the QB for the Packers next year? Whats Wright?

Michael Vicks advice to Deshaun Watson: You made this bed, you have to lay in it CLUB SHAY SHAY

Cardinals head into bye week smarting from last-minute loss

Kliff Kingsbury and the Arizona Cardinals nearly gained some crucial momentum heading into their long-awaited bye week

Michael Vick doesnt believe Lamar Jackson should take the max from Ravens CLUB SHAY SHAY

More support, confidence has altered Tua Tagovailoas career

Tua Tagovailoas career-altering turnaround can be traced in part to a confidence-inducing moment with Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel

Worried about Lamar Jackson after his deleted tweet post Jags loss? SPEAK

Justin Tuckers leg couldnt save Ravens this time

Justin Tuckers kick fell short from 67 yards on the final play of Baltimores 28-27 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars